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What support is available?
Support is available by telephone and email during our normal office hours , Monday to Friday of 09:30 to 17:30 hrs (UK time) as per our contact details.  Outside these hours please email us and we will revert at the earliest opportunity. 
What do I do if I have forgotton my password?
If you have forgotton your password, please email us, quoting your backup username and we will reset it for you.
What do I do if I have forgotton my encryption key?
This is what you should avoid at all costs.  When we say that only you know your encryption key, that's exactly what we mean.  In practice, if this occurs, you will lose all your accumulated backups and have to set up a new user account with a new backup username.  You should email us and we will delete the stored encrypted data as otherwise charges will continue to accrue!
How do I notify you if I have changed my email address?
If you have changed your email address it is important that you notify us immediately.  Please use the form on the Account maintenance page.