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  • Quick and simple installation (no technical knowledge necessary)
  • Easy to use and choose what and how much data you want to backup.
  • Optional filters that allow you to easily identify, include or exclude particular file types
  • You schedule how often you want automated backups to take place.
  • Manual backups can be instigated at any time at the click of a button.
  • Daily backups will only take minutes
  • We take your data ‘offsite’ for you, storing it in 2 separate secure locations
  • You are reminded if you haven't backed up within 4 days
  • Data retrieval is a quick online
  • We also provide Web Access, allowing you access to your data from any Internet enabled PC, anywhere and anytime.
  • Online log files and help
  • No expenditure on hardware, software, Zip-drives, CDRs and DVDs
  • No dependency on humans to warehouse, rotate and retrieve backup media
  • No annual contract.  We have trust in our service and only ask for a minimum commitment of 3 months for servers and 1 month for desktops and laptops
  • Low monthly subscription cost
  • A no obligation FREE Evaluation Trial for 2 weeks.