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WebAccess is a lightweight browser based interface that allows a remote user to securely log on and access files from any internet connected computer without having to install any software.  WebAccess gives you the freedom to access and update your files from anywhere in the world using a wired or Wi-Fi internet connection.
Using WebAccess you can access the current and previous versions of your backed up data and do the the following: -
  • Open and work on files that are part of your backup set
  • Download  selected files to the harddrive of the PC you are currently using.
  • Email selected files from your backup set to any email address.
We also provide you with a temporary storage area called 'Briefcase'.
  • This allows you to upload files from the PC where you are working to a 'Briefcase' .  These may be new files that you have created, or files from your backup set that you previously opened/downloaded, have worked on, and now want to backup.
  • When you return to the PC where you backup your data, you can log on to WebAccess and download the files from the 'Briefcase' to a folder in your backup set.

To open a new browser window for WebAccess please click on the link shown below.  Please note that the Group name should be entered as "datasafehaven" and that you must logout at the end of your session. 

Click WebAccess