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Privacy statement – Datasafehaven Ltd

This website is administered by Datasafehaven Limited. 

This statement is to reassure you about the data that we collect, how we use it and to confirm our commitment to your privacy.


Collection and use of data

We may collect data and use it in the following ways.

Firstly, from the use of technology we may identify the pages that you visit on our website.  We will use this information to increase the effectiveness of our website and improve the service that we provide to you.

Secondly, we will ask you to provide us with limited information if you want to undertake a free trial of the service.  We will ask you for further information, if and when you decide to subscribe to the service. 


We will not sell individual information or provide it to a 3rd party without your express authorisation.


Any data held by us will be used for the sole purpose of providing the service offered to our customers.


We may ask you for additional information, but will only do so on telling you the purpose for the request.


As a general point we do not seek to collect sensitive personal information through this website, except as required to for transactions through an Internet payment services partner.  If we do require such data, our Internet payment services partner will ask you to consent to the proposed uses of the data.


We may also collect some unsolicited sensitive personal data.  If this occurs, you consent to our using the data subject to applicable UK law.


We may contact you

From time to time we may contact you to bring to your attention a support issue or some aspect of the existing service or a new feature that we think will be of interest to you.  By subscribing to the service you consent to this.  If you wish to opt out of these communications you should notify us by email at


Access to your information

You are entitled to know if we hold information about you, and if so, have access to that information and ask us to correct it, if inaccurate.  To do this contact us at; or write to:


Datasafehaven Limited

19 Eglantine Road

London SW18 2DE